For 26 years I lived with on and off pain and a body that refused to cooperate.

My spine was out of alignment, my hips were twisted, and waking up every morning was a lottery… would today be pain free or a day of torture?

But one day I discovered a super power…

Here’s how meditation helped me manage the pain in my hips, back, neck, spine.

But first, a disclaimer. It’s not a miracle cure. I still get some pain, and the odd disastrous flare up from time to time. But meditation has massively changed the level of pain I experience.

So, here we go…

During the university holidays I would wake up early and skateboard along the beautiful sea side of Wellington, New Zealand, then climb the forest stairs up a hill to the section where I was doing holiday construction work.

It was the definition of ‘honest hard work.’ I had a pick axe, and my job was to cut away the side of a hill, clearing a section so the owner could build a house.

I used the pick-axe to break the hill side up into small rocks, then put the rocks into plastic buckets, and carried them 50 meters down the hill to the roadside.

Now, while the amazing view overlooking the beautiful blue seaside, and the ice cold beer after work were an ample reward, the problem was that for my lopsided body, so much carrying heavy buckets filled with stones, and swinging the pick axe into rock hard… rock… meant that my body was jarred, compressed, beaten and bruised.

At the end of each day I collapsed and I couldn’t move.

Every morning when I tried to get out of bed for another day of pick-axe and carrying, my spine was jarred. My hips were like a rusty gate that didn’t want to move.

Something had to give. All my life I had been able to adapt to my situation.

Despite five surgeries, living with “acceptable” background pain, and a few extra precautions when playing sport, I had never met a physical challenge couldn’t meet.

But this was different.

My body felt broken, and my spirit was rapidly being crushed. It was as if fate had beaten me. This was like a razor wire fence blocking my life path.

But it also gave me the the motivation to search for solutions.

So, after my seventh consecutive day at the construction gig, I was lying on my bedroom floor paralyzed with pain, and frustrated at my new-found life limitation.

I put my headphones on and pressed play on a meditation audio I was using at the time, and something crazy happened.

I just started imagining my muscles unwrapping from my bones. I started at my feet and worked my way through each toe, then up my legs to my hips, mentally watching each muscle in my mind unwrap from the bone.

I did this for the entire 30 minute audio track, and then pressed play again and kept going, muscle by muscle, from my hips to my tailbone to the bottom of my spine, all the way up to my head and back down to my fingertips.

My body felt amazing. The pain that had kept me awake for the previous three nights had disappeared, and I fell into a deep sleep at 7pm.

What happened the next morning is the really crazy part, and the part that made me realize I was on to something big.

As I lay in bed and stretched my arms above my head I heard a symphony of cracks in my shoulders, my elbows, and right down my spine.

I got out of bed and, as I stood up, my body cracked even more. And it felt amazing.

My muscles felt light, free….

And my hips were like a brand new gate that had just been oiled. For the first time in my memory I could move without pain!

I actually thought I was dreaming… That thing I did with my mind had fixed the excruciating pain and discomfort that was ruining my life just the day before.

As you can imagine, from then on this became my daily ritual.

I skated to work full of energy, I worked harder than ever, I skated home as fast as I could, and I did my muscle release.

And I even had the energy to go out and enjoy my holiday nights with friends… after 9 hour days of hard labor!

And the rest is history!

I’m currently making an audio track walking people through this process, so if you’d like a copy when it’s ready, drop a comment below and I’ll email you when it’s ready.


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