Welcome to One Leg Shorter

Here you’ll get my best tips for living a great life with one leg shorter than the other.

I want this to be a library of strategies for dealing with the pain and problems that come up – so others in the same boat can enjoy life a little bit more.

Many people have given me nuggets of wisdom that really helped over the years, plus I’ve discovered a few of my own techniques.

Now I have a good action plan for dealing with my uneven body… and I hope some of it can help you too!


About Me: My leg length discrepancy was 10cm (4 inches), now it’s around 2.5cm (1 inch) after surgeries.

I’ve struggled with a lot of pain and difficulties doing certain things due to my unequal leg length, but I’ve also found many good ways to deal with the issues.

I travel, play sport, work a good job (alot of sitting down), and really enjoy life. The fact I have one leg longer than the other doesn’t stop life, but it definitely requires some extra effort.

My Leg Length Discrepancy Action Plan

As an overview, the most beneficial things that help me deal with pain, discomfort, or limitations, have been:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • A few specific exercises (my favourite right now is for relieving pain in unbalanced hips)
  • Massage
  • And a few other things like buying the right shoes and keeping an effective muscle pain relief ointment with me at all times.

(more on each of these soon)

I’ve tested many different methods and really tried to deal with this issue in the smartest possible way, and I think some of this stuff will be useful for others dealing with a shorter leg.

Recently a chiropractor emphasized to me just how important it is to start working with this problem now, and in as much of a preventative manner as possible – because if you get to age 50 and in constant pain, a lot of damage will have been done, and the problem will be much greater.

Working proactively and preemptively makes sense to me… prevention is the best cure!

My Current Focus: Exercising My Uneven Hips

The major problem for me is my uneven hips, and I suspect it’ll be the same for many people reading this.

This is the area where I feel the most pain, and I noticed that when I work on my hips, the rest of my body responds well – like a domino effect.

For example: Any back, shoulder, or neck tension is often alleviated when I exercise my hips, and my legs feel better (even when I wasn’t aware of any leg discomfort). Plus, exercising my hips gives me more energy, and really it just positively affects my whole body and mind.

An interesting effect is that your hips are connected to emotions and stress – and working consistently on your hips can have amazing benefits for reducing stress and dealing with emotions (not just my experience, there’s plenty of research to support this).

For the past 10 years I’ve increasingly been meditating, stretching, and learning how to make the most of this condition…. and that’s what’s charged me up to finally make this blog.

If you have any questions about my experience, have a solution that works great for you, want to suggest any article, or anything else, please let me know.

I want to make this a bit of a crowd sourced project, so we can gather the best solutions together and share them with as many people living with uneven leg lengths.